Hnry - Welcome to Australia!

DATE: 2/10/23
SERVICES: Creative direction & production

Hnry tasked us to create a video create brand campaign to be run on BVOD, 
Youtube & also across Meta. This was to welcome Hnry to Australia in 2023.

The objective here was brand uplift and also return on ad spend. We targeted
sole traders and tried to deposition traditional accountants by showcasing 
just how easy Hnry is to use.

Hnry handles expenses, tax, BAS and acts as an all in one digital accountant.

These assets were fire by the team at Ouzo. The hook rates wre great & the view through rates were above our KPIs.

We have seen an incremental uplift 
in performance since launching the ‘G’day to Australia’ campaign.

– David Brownless